Dave Semple


Dave Semple must be one of the best known persons in our town. He has lived in Richmond for 60 years and has worked with the City for over half his life.

“Building strong relationships with businesses and communities and connecting them for the betterment of Richmond has been my goal”.

Dave has been a Board Member of the Maples Residences for five years and the Chair for almost three years. He says, “Since I joined the Board we have brought the Maples from what it was then to what it is today, a safe friendly environment with a competent staff, full fare, lots of recreational entertainment and where seniors feel at home”.

And Dave knows whereof he speaks. “My own mum lived at the Maples until her health deteriorated and she needed care. But she still calls the Maples, HOME”.

Come for the Lifestyle. Stay for the Friends.

for more information: 604-277-4519