Jacqui Turner


Jacqui Turner brings a wealth of volunteerism as a new Board Member with The Maple Residences. Thirty years of volunteering with the Gulf of Georgia Cannery, Steveston Community Centre, Steveston Post Office and London Heritage Farm to name a few. Jacqui is always ready to take on a leadership role, step forward and give every task her energy, creative thought and when it gets down to it, just plain hard work. Some of Jacqui’s contributions to her community are: Heading up the Family Farm Days and the Harvest events at London Farm. Team Leader to Save the Post Office in 1990. Board Member for ten years at Steveston Community Society’s float and craft events and helped to raise $500,000 for Steveston Water Park. “As a Senior myself I want to raise awareness and inspire other generations of the importance our Seniors are to our past, present and future.” Jacqui and her Husband Tony have their own business and live in Steveston.

Come for the Lifestyle. Stay for the Friends.

for more information: 604-277-4519