“There’s lots to do here, every day there’s something on the program and you can take part in it, or you can do something else.”

Doris Daum wasn’t looking for a move to a senior citizen housing complex when her friend suggested she take a look at The Maple Residences in Steveston, Richmond. “I lived alone in a large townhouse,” she says, “It was a lot of work and expensive to keep up, so I thought about moving to the Maples, put my name down and decided to give it a go for three months.” That was in 2012 when The Maple Residences opened its doors. “I’m still here,” she laughs.

Like all seniors who make the difficult decision to downsize and move, Doris found it a challenge to let go of some of her furniture, but she’s happy with her choice of suite. “I have a south-facing suite with a lovely view of the water and a park across the street. Everyone here has a patio or a balcony and we have our own plants and flowers. It’s quite lovely.”

Active living for seniors is important at The Maples. “There’s lots to do here,” says Doris, “Every day there’s something on the program and you can take part in it, or you can do something else. And Steveston is a lovely place with lots of areas for walking.”

While The Maples offers dining options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as morning and afternoon tea, residents have an apartment-sized fridge in their suites together with a microwave. “I always have the option to stop in my suite and have a bite to eat if I prefer,” says Doris.

For seniors who are nervous about moving into independent housing and worry that they’ll be without friends, Doris has some advice: “Just come out of your room and join in. Everyone is so friendly here and the staff is wonderful. I like company and if I want a cup of tea, I just go downstairs and there’s always someone to chat to.”

Asked if she’d recommend independent living at The Maples, Doris doesn’t hesitate: “I would!” she says

Come for the Lifestyle. Stay for the Friends.

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