If someone asked me, “should I live at the Maples?” I’d talk to them and say “Come on in!”

My wife Taiko and I toured the Maples Residences in 2013, we really liked it and even picked out a suite. Sadly Taiko passed away shortly after that and I was left on my own..

After my wife passed away, I spoke with my Minister Grant Ikuta and his Assistant Kaiko Go from the The Buddhist Temple. They didn’t think I would be okay living on my own. They asked me where would I like to go. Minister Ikuta and Kaiko researched all around and felt that The Maples was the best place for me. I decided that I would go back and see what they had available.

The suite my wife had originally picked was on the 2nd floor, but I decided to look around at other suites as well. I found another suite on the 5th floor and it was the best thing I ever did. The view is beautiful, the sunrise, sunsets and the mountains are beautiful.

I like the Maples because it’s new, clean and the staff are very caring. I’ve made so many new friends. I like everybody and they like me, I’m very fortunate. There is so much close by. The buses are just around the corner, I can catch a bus wherever I need to go.

I like walking and the park behind the Maples is a great walk. I enjoy feeding the squirrels and I am sure they remember me. They wait for me and look for peanuts. Walking on the waterfront and looking at the fish boats is something I really enjoy. If someone asked me, “should I live at the Maples?” I’d talk to them and say “Come on in!”

Come for the Lifestyle. Stay for the Friends.

for more information: 604-277-4519