He LOVED to Dance!

Len was the first resident to move into The Maples in May of 2012 and he loved it here right from the beginning. He had a lovely corner suite with a view of the river, which he spent many hours watching the goings on in our Village. His first dinner at the Maples was a table for 5 in our dining room. Being the first resident he watched everyone else move to their new home. Day by day there was someone new to talk to and before long we had 160 Residents.

The entertainment was his favourite, especially if there was a Band, Singer, Piano or Performer. But most of all…there was dancing. HE LOVED TO DANCE.

Another highlight: his meals were prepared by a Chef ! He never missed a meal. Having his own garden to tend at the Maples meant Len could plant and care for his much loved roses.

Most importantly, family and friends were close by. They could drop by for a visit, sit on the balcony and enjoy the lovely view from his balcony overlooking Steveston.

Len passed away on August 11, 2018 at 101 years old. His family credits his longevity to his 6 ½ years at Maples and the many friends he made here.

Come for the Lifestyle. Stay for the Friends.

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