Novel Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update

Residents are required to self-isolate when they have left the Residence for the following reasons:
Hospital – Same Day Outpatient Visit  = 2 days isolation
Hospital – Overnight or longer = 10 days isolation
Meals at Family House = 10 days isolation
Visit to Family – Overnight or longer = 10 days isolation
New Move ins = 5 days isolation
Isolation starts the day they arrive back.

May 27 2020

To: All Residents of The Maple Residences

Thanks to our Residents and Staff, we have been COVID 19 free!  Thanks everyone for your hard work and dedication and adherence to the measures put in place, under the advisement of our Health Authority.  Thank you for the support of our dedicated Board of Directors, local businesses, community members and families.

As restrictions by our Provincial Health Authority and Government officials begins to lift, our Management Team will continue to monitor those developments in order to ensure we remain cautious and move at the appropriate speed, with our Residents and Staffs’ safety in mind.  

We continue with our policy of no visitors except care or one designated compassionate care person, per family, if your loved one requires this support.  All approved visitors must wear the appropriate personal protective equipment.  Due to the no visitor policy the Guest Suite and Guest meals are not available until this policy is changed.

We encourage families who meet with their loved ones outside of our building, to do so practicing social distancing and all the measures that are in place and have been proved successful in combating COVID 19. 

Please stay safe, be kind and patient as we continue to navigate through uncharted waters and ensure the safety of everyone at The Maple Residences and our community.

The Maples Management

If you would like to book a VIDEO CALL WITH YOUR FAMILY MEMBER here at The Maples Residences, Please Email: or Call HEATHER at 604-277-4519. THANK YOU